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Motion Detectors

Why Choose Us

Sensinova is one of the best motion sensor(occupancy sensor) manufacturer company in India which is located in Gujarat. Leading manufacturer provides wide range of Sensor products at a low level taking care of the Home and they always try to create products of top class quality.
Sensinova have made Occupancy Sensors for the use of Home Automation which is also known in some another words like Microwave Sensor, Doppler and Radar. It works on electromagnetic waves and it can crawl, walk and run inside your home as well as you can use it the outside atmosphere also.

Save Large Amount of Energy

If sensor detects empty space in room or office, this smart device assume there is no need of light and automatically switch off lighting device.

Cut Down Your Electricity Bill

You really shocked, when you heard that our sensor save up to 60% energy and it directly affect on your monthly budget. So now choices are yours.


It is so convenient that easy to install and everyone can use it without any special instruction. It is also user friendly and best in economical way.

Take care of your Family

After implementation of our sensor, don’t worry about your family security. Sensors are so intelligent if some unknown person enters into your premises, it alert you instantly.

Best and Affordable

We guarantee that you never find this type of sensors at affordable price. Many experts suggest that this are best for saving energy and security.

Save Money

Install Sensinova’s Motion sensor and switches on your home/office/stores/warehouses to save your money by stopping energy wastage.

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