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Power Sourcing : 220 -240V/AC Detection Range: 360°
Power Frequency : 50Hz Detection Distance: 6m max(<24℃)
Ambient Light : <3-2000LUX (Adjustable) Working Temperature: -20~+40℃
Time Delay : Min. 10sec±3sec - Max. 7min±2min Working Humidity: <93%RH
Rated Load : 1200W ,300W Installing Height: 2.2-4m
Power Consumption: approx 0.5W Detection Motion Speed: 0.6-1.5m/s

Note!when testing in daylight, please turn LUX knob to (SUN) position, otherwise the sensor lamp could not work! If the lamp is more than 60W, the distance between lamp and sensor should be 60cm at least.

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