Touch Switch Board
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Touch Switch Board

Product Description:

Toughened glass with fire safety ensure the high security. 
Go forward in 21st century with digital switch.

Sensinova Is One Of The Best Wall Touch Switch Manufacturer In This Digital Era And In India. Our Multi Skilled Persons Designed Awesome Touch Screen Switch For The Imperial People To Make Their Life More Royal. We Produce High Quality Switches Under The Experienced Experts For Customer Satisfaction. That’s Why Sensinova Is Top Touch Switch Supplier In India And Will Be.


Benefits of Touch Switch

  • LED or EL backlight of switch helps you to find in darkness.
  • No need to press heavily, just lightly touch the switch and you will able to turn on/off electric device.
  • It’s look superior and give a new majestic look to your home.
  • Thin design and capacitive touch of switch gives more comfort.

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