Smart Switch / Wireless Switch
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Smart Switch / Wireless  Switch

Product Description

The SENSINOVA  Smart Switch uses Kinetic energy to control lighting and other appliances without the need for a battery, WiFi, power supply, internet connection or wiring to the switch at all.

The switch takes minimal time to install and reduces costs of labour for installation and material costs by up to 60%.

 No Wire And No Battery 

How Does it Works ?

Mechanical kinetic energy produced by a simple touch of the switch converts into electricity. Inside the switch there is a magnetic coil and when the switch rocker is pressed it creates enough energy to send a unique radio signal (RF) to the receiver. The built-in receiver is wired to the light and stored in the light fixture. If the receiver is a plug-in module then it is simply plugged into an outlet and the device. The switch sends the RF signal to the receiver also called as controller on which device is connected.

Limitless Installation

Direct installation on Glass, Ceramic Tile, Mosaic Tile, Wood wall surface.

Thin Body With Only 13.9mm

The World’s First Wireless Kinetic Energy Switch.

The SENSINOVA SWITCH  range offers an inspired solution in smart home technology.

There is no longer constraint of wiring location and no need to install back boxes or cut holes into walls. The SENSINOVA switch can be installed or placed to maximise convenience.

The World’s First Wireless Kinetic Energy Switch.

  • Wireless - No piping or wiring required.
  • Eco-friendly -No battery, No Dust, No construction waste.
  • Maintenance free - No need to change battery forever, no hassle.
  • Water-resistance - Switch can work in wet environment. IP67
  • Long Range -  Reliable RF Remote Control,30M indoor, 100M outdoor
  • Memory Function - Remember previous settings
  • Flexible Pairing- Create Multi-location Switch
  • Easy installation - Only 5 minute, No Battery, No WIFI, No BLE, No APP Required, Only need 5 mins.
  • Durable- 50 years mechanical lifetime of switch.
  • Cost Saving - Saves 30% compared to traditional switch. Reduce manual abour, decrease construction costs by 30%.


Wide Applications

Home / Office / Hotel / Supermarket / Factory/ Hospitals / Hazardous Locations / Old buildings etc.

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