SN-CT6C10 (Controller for 6 Wireless Switchs)
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SN-CT6C10 (Controller for 6 Wireless Switchs)


  • Working Voltage: : AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Control Channel: : SIX circuit
  • Storage Capacity: : can store 5 wireless switch-keys information per circuit
  • Control Component Type: : relay
  • Rated Current: : 16A*2+10A*4
  • Outputmode: : drycontact output
  • Dimensions: : L126*W80*H 33.6mm
  • Weight: : 255g

Product Description

SN-CT6C10 (6 circuits controller)
Wireless receiving controller with high efficiency switching power supply, has a wide range of voltage and excellent stability and durability. The interior has a load capacity of 10A relay as the impl

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