SN-PR122 (Hand Waving - 230V AC)
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SN-PR122 (Hand Waving - 230V AC)


  • Power source : 110-240V/AC
  • Power Frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Rated Current : 5A
  • Detection Distance : 5-6cm
  • Working Temperature : - 20 ~ + 50° C
  • Rated Load (incandescent lamp) : Max.500W (220-240V/AC)
  • Rated Load (energy-saving lamp) : 200W (220-240V/AC)

Product Description

SNPR122 is a Short Distance IR Sensor. Its ON or OFF is controlled by hand movements. When you move your hands towards the IR sensor, it gets detection and turn on the light. The light will be switched off until the IR sensor detects another movement by hands. 

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