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Designed and manufactured with international standards and cutting-edge technology, motion sensors and other sensor-based solutions by Sensinova are deployed across 8 countries. From Microwave Motion Sensors to PIR Motion Sensors, from Home Automation Solutions to Smart Lighting ...


Years Of Experience
Sensor Lighting

A perfect Sensor light for parking areas, staircases as well as corridors. Available in 18W/12W LED light which will automatically dim down to 3W if no motion is detected.

Motion Sensors

A world full of Comfort, convenience and Possibilities. Improved Home Security, Enhanced Safety, More Convenience, Energy Savings, Cost Savings.

Primezen IOT Devices

This connects with your home appliances & allows you to remotely control, Energy Savings, Convenience, Security, Controlling all aspects of home automation


Why Choose Us

  • Energy saving

    Our Home automation can help you save energy by ensuring your home uses resources like water and electricity more effectively, reducing waste throughout the home.

  • Environment Friendly

    With home automation, you can make a small difference for the environment—and you see smaller utility bills as a result with smart products like motion sensors.

  • Luxury at its Best

    We combine Technology and Design in order to add Convenience and Entertainment into your Home.

Our Core Values

Established with a vision to take the world’s energy-efficient drive forward, Sensinova has today emerged as India’s leading player in the segment of designing, manufacturing, deploying Sensors, Smart Lighting Solutions.


With expertise in Industrial automation, electronics & IoT, we strive to bring security, comfort and convenience that comes with technology into everyday life.

Sensinova delivers innovative solutions and best in class services to make your living, work, commercial and community spaces smarter.


With our wide range of products along with seamless support and one-stop service, we intend to provide an experience of comfort and luxury.

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