Breathing Detecting Technology/ON-OFF Innovative energy-saving switch, control lights ON-OFF automatically. Traditional switch is needless. A very sightly movement even human breathing can be collected, never worry a sudden shut-off when light is necessary. Interference-free with flying insects, falling leaves, air vents and wireless signal (WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G and 5G). Adjustable detecting settings, suitable for various places, such as toilet, kitchen, office, library, corridor etc..
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Rated Voltage120-277 VAC
Stand-by Power<1.0W
Load Capacity400W (Inductive/LED) 800W (resistive)
Detecting TechnologyMovement / minor motion /breathing
Working ModeOn-off
Operating Frequency5.8 GHz ±75 MHz, ISM band
Transmitting Power0.5mW Max.
Hold Time5S/30S/1Min/3Min/5Min/10Min/20Min/30Min
Detection Area100%/75%/50%/25%
Daylight Sensor5-150 lux, Disable
Product Size110x110x32mm
Operating Temperature-25~50℃
IP RatingIP20

Ceiling mounted


Sensinova's breathing sensor is based on 5.8Ghz microwave motion detection technology.

Low impedance antenna and exclusive occupancy sensing algorithm are used to detect human existence by detecting the expansion of the chest and abdomen during human respiration.

At the same time the algorithm and microwave detection can effectively avoid air flow interference from air conditioning and exhaust.

It achieves accurate identification of human occupancy, In any mode of activity, meeting, reading, writing, rest or static meditation